About us?  Sure!  Damon and Laurie are dreamers and do-ers.  We love adventure, travel and each other.  Within 48 hours of meeting in 2003, we were planning our first cross-country roadtrip.  Now, 9 years, 1 dog, a wedding, more than a few jobs, lotsa trips and one boat (of our own) later, we’ve become (aka we’re becoming) live-aboard sailors.

And, just so you know, we’re very sea-rious people, obviously.

Belize, 2006

OK, in fact, we are (regular) serious about a lot of things, including this big adventure we’ve taken on and the risks associated with it as folks who are still in need of a lot of experience (and, for the record, I think you are always learning and never have “enough” experience but that also shouldn’t stop you from starting a journey).  If you’ve got advice for us, don’t be shy, consider this your welcome mat for solicited advice.

And, because this blog has expanded from “folks who know us” to include several “friends we haven’t met yet”, here’s a little more “about us”:

Line-handling on The Santorini, Panama Canal, Panama

Damon aka Captain D (no relation to the crappy seafood co) also serves as a Chief Maintenance Officer – thank the  Lord!  In a previous life, he has opened and managed several prominent, high-volume restaurants and bars in Austin, TX and St. Louis, MO.  He would alternate eating Mac&Cheese and eggs for almost every meal if he could (he once made a Mac&Cheese omelet).  If he could eat both of these in a hammock, he would be in heaven.  For over 25 years, Damon has also composed electronic music both personally and professionally – and always for fun.  You can learn more about his music here.

Laurie serves as the Navigator, Galley Queen, Photographer, Blogger, and Seamstress-Crafter-Henna Tattooer.  Previous to life aboard a boat, Laurie spent over 10 years directing local, statewide and national political campaigns.  Because she is highly organized, she has an almost disturbing fondness for organizing data in Excel and the many databases .csv files can interface with (you should see the inventory list on the boat, no really, it’s a-mazing).  If you need some data organized or enhanced or a project strategically managed, she’s your gal!   She has been known to say, “I’m on the boat with D and Mr. K, I’ve got a margarita, a sunset, if I just had an Excel project, THIS would be paradise” – sick, right?  Laurie also loves all manner of high-jinks including costumes, practical jokes and, especially, charades – with Damon she produced The Universe’s 1st ever Competitive Charade Tournament “Sounds Like Fun”.

That is one smooth perro








“Kemah, aka “Mr. K” aka “Sir Snarls-a-lot” aka “Washing Machine” (it’s a long story) is the Chief Security Officer and Chief Cushion Warmer on Mother Jones.  He is 10 years old.  He is obviously some sort of pit bull mix although he is very tall for his breed – and being different is just fine with us.  Kemah enjoys barking at buoys, pelicans, dolphins and basically anything that moves to close to the boat (buoys?). When he’s not on high-alert, he thoroughly enjoys laying on the softest spot possible at all times.  To see more of Mr. K’s Big Lazy Adventures and other stuff we make him do, click here.